Friday, July 31, 2015

Ghost Fleet part 3 and another Windows 10 update

Ghost Fleet - 3/4 thru.  Space Pirates have made an appearance. The action is starting to pick up again.  There are a couple areas where I question the technology in play (i.e. Whole room DNA scans that don't require a lab) but overall the books remains pretty solid.  Kind of a short update I know but not a lot has changed.

Windows 10 - #Windows10 is still impressing me overall.  My one complaint so far is Windows Defender just chews up resources.  This morning i broke down and installed Panda.  I have been using defender since it released as security essentials and been satisfied up til now.  On the positive side I found a network use meter that measures your downloads built in.  If you are on a plan that limits your monthly activity this could be useful.

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