Thursday, July 30, 2015

Ghost Fleet part 2

Halfway through - Still a pretty solid read.

The story has slowed down a bit but unlike some of the amazon reviewers I don't think it is moving at a glacial pace.  The action has shifted from the initial violent action of the attack on America to the slog of building up for a counterattack and grind of anti-insurgency warfare.  The pacing is appropriate.

Some things that are bothering me just a bit -

1.  The authors insists on referring to the USS Zumwault as a battleship.  It isn't.  It's a destroyer.  One of the characters even points that out and a paragraph later they are back to battleship.  I understand that they are trying to encapsulate a paradigm shift in naval warfare in the use of that word but it just doesn't work.

2.  I think the authors portray some of the tech in this books as far more mature that in is the vis (augmented / virtual reality) glasses for example.  While underplaying some other tech such as shipboard lasers and railguns.  I don't believe they are quite as problematic as portrayed in the book.
Oh also the augmented reality stuff sounds far closer to the Microsoft Hololens than Google Glass but Microsoft gets short shrift.

3.  I don't think the authors have been in the military or talked to military people as much as they should have.  While not horribly done a lot of the little things just don't fit together quite right.  Small piddling stuff that doesn't really effect the story but is still just a little distracting.

4.  The Russian spy tries to pass information in the stupidest way possible and then gets pissed when people don't figure it out in 5 frickin' minutes.  That was just bad plotting there.

Minor complaints.  The book is still a good read and America is getting ready to kick some Fascist post communism Chinese ass so that's a plus.
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