Saturday, July 11, 2015

Antarctica - A year on the ice.

I watched this last night on Netflix.  Was pretty interesting actually.  People discussing what life in McMurdo is like.  Very interesting seeing the pictures because the camp doesn't look real different from the outside from when I was there, but then they go into places like the retail store and the barracks, and the chow hall and it's completely different.  It was actually kind of disorienting.  The ambulance that they showed looked like the one that we put in service back in '92 had the lift kits and all.  Not sure if it is or not.  I did see my barracks, but they didn't show medical so I couldn't tell what changed there.  One major change.  Most of our communication when I was down there was mail, now it seems to be e-mail and phone calls.  That has to make things a little easier.
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