Monday, January 12, 2015

This will not end well - What I am reading 1/12/2015

Ars Technica - Supreme Court asks DOJ to weigh in on Google-Oracle API copyright flap -
The Supreme Court on Monday asked the Obama administration for its views on an appeals court's conclusion that Oracle's Java application programming interfaces are protected by copyright.
The move (PDF) by the justices indicates that the high court is interested in the hotly contested intellectual property dispute. But whether the Supreme Court will enter the legal thicket won't be announced until after the administration responds in the coming months.
This is not going to end well.  I acn't think of a single thing that this current Justice Department has done that hasn't ended in some sort of hot stinking mess.  

Boing Boing - The best books for nerds from 2014 -

I guess it's a matter of taste, I mean I like XKCD and D&D but are these really two of the best nerd books of 2014?  I'm not trying to take anything away from those books I'm just saying that this list reflects one set of personal tastes.  At least it wasn't a Doctrow love fest. 

Defense One via - The Pentagon Moves To Tie Up Loose Ends on Its Network Security -
A Jan. 5 request for information queries contractors on a “next-generation” endpoint security system that would allow the agency to better configure, secure and keep tabs on network endpoints all using a central management tool.
Key attributes of the system DISA is seeking are the ability to:
  • Link up the endpoint security system with a mobile-device management program
  • Directly feed into the system information from DOD’s continuous monitoring regime
  • Rapidly reconfigure software and applications in response to cyber threats
It's a little disturbing that this is just now being done but at least it is being done.

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