Friday, December 19, 2014

The FBI has an open investigative file on #GamerGate - What I am reading 11/19/2014

Muckrock via Slashdot - FBI has an open investigation related to #Gamergate -
Rejecting a request for the FBI's files on #Gamergate and its affiliates, the bureau stated that, while they have responsive documents related to the loose coalition, those files are part of an ongoing investigation, and release "would interfere with law enforcement proceedings." Who or what is being investigated remains an open question.
I don't really know what this means.  They could be investigating #GamerGaters for making death threats or the could be investigating people for falsely reporting death threats (and I have seen allegations that some of the higher profile people on the anti-gamergate side have made false claims).  Maybe both.  Who knows?

The Hacker News -  -
FEATURES OF COOLREAPER BACKDOOR According to Ryan Olson, intelligence director at Palo Alto, CoolReaper backdoor can perform a wide number of unsolicited tasks. The backdoor has ability to:
  • Download, install and activate any Android application without the user's consent or notification
  • Connect to a number of command and control (C&C) servers
  • Clear user data, uninstall existing applications, or disable system applications
  • Send fake over-the-air (OTA) software updates to devices that install unwanted applications
  • Send or insert arbitrary SMS or MMS messages into the phone
  • Dial arbitrary phone numbers
  • Upload device information, its location, application usage information, calling and SMS history to Coolpad server

Personally I blame both George Bush #blamebush and the #NSA.

Washington Post - Private colleges are a waste of money for white, middle class kids -

take a large survey of college graduates published this year by Gallup. It asked graduates how they were doing across five different metrics, including financially, physically and socially. Eleven percent of graduates of public universities and private universities said they were "thriving" across all five. Twelve percent of graduates of U.S. News & World Report's top 100 schools were thriving, essentially the same as the rest.
The biggest predictor of whether a graduate wasn't thriving was whether he or she had student loans. Fourteen percent of those without any debt said they were thriving, compared to 2 percent of those with more than $40,000 of debt. You can't draw iron-clad conclusions from that, but those figures should be worrisome all the same for anyone thinking about taking on student loans.
I've maintaine for a long time that the biggest advantage to the elite schools isn't the education itself.  It's the networking opportunities.  According to this article that may not be true either.

CNN - Watch out world: North Korea deep into cyber warfare, defector says -

Jang Se-yul, who defected from North Korea seven years ago, told CNN that he thinks there are 1,800 cyberwarriors in the agency stationed around the world. But he says even the agents themselves don't know how many others work for the secretive group, called Bureau 121, whose mission is to "conduct cyberattacks against overseas and enemy states."
Everyone is freaking at the moment because of the SONY hack but as I recall from what I read initially this wasn't a particularly sophisticated attack and it was made even more successful than it would have been by the SONY admins leaving an unencrypted folder called "passwords" on the desktop of one af the compromised machines.  Given that I am not ready to go into panic mode yet.

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