Thursday, December 11, 2014

Stupid Employee Policies

Good article.

 I have been working since the 9th grade in jobs ranging from dishwasher at a chain restaurant to a variety of IT and Engineering jobs.  Some I have been successful at some I haven't, but over the course of my working life I have encountered most of these policies and with a couple minor exceptions this guy is pretty much right on target.  That's one of the reasons I stayed at Avocent as long as I did (until they closed the office I was working at otherwise I would still be there).  They avoided most of the garbage associated with rules like these.  We had policies and maybe even some variant of these policies but they weren't onerous and the people in charge (Karl Mills , Eric Bisset , Jedd Perry , etc.) were smart enough to make them work.  It remains one of the few places I would go back to work at in a minute, and I would work with any of the Engineering team again at anytime.
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