Monday, July 14, 2014

Ryan Block and Veronica Belmont Attempt to Cancel Comcast Service - Hilarity Ensues

If you don't know Veronica Belmont (+Veronica Belmont) is a fairly well known tech journalist / pundit (you know the job I would like to have if I had brains, talent or personality), she is married to Ryan Block, who I assume is well known for something but I have no idea what.

Over the weekend she and her husband attempted to cancel their Comcast service.  It did not go well -

OK, so it wasn't actually hilarious, although if I had been in the room with them I would have been laughing my ass off at their frustration, because lets face it when it isn't you it's funny.  This does however show both the decline in basic customer service skills in America and why people get so frustrated with Comcast.  I don't think it actually qualifies as torture as some have said, but it is a very hard sell.  People hate that.

In contrast to Ms. Belmont's experience my last few interactions with Comcast have been amazingly good.  I think a lot of it is just who you get at the call center that day.  Also having worked tech support I know that a lot of times there is a script that you have to follow and are graded on.  When your job is on the line sometimes you get a little more aggressive.
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