Monday, June 16, 2014

What I am reading 6/16/2014 - Secret Messages

Hacker News - Hidden Message on the new SourceForge TrueCrypt site

There is a hidden message on the new sourceforge TrueCrypt site that says, approximately, "Don't use TrueCrypt because it is under the control of the NSA".

Basically they are claiming to have created a Latin phrase from the  first letter of each word in the message warning users not to use TrueCrypt.

College Board materials indicate that the average 11th grader's combined PSAT/NMSQT score of 96 in reading and math gives him/her only a 20%-30% probability of getting a score of '3' on the AP CS exam (a score '4' or '5' may be required for college credit).
I blame Common Core.  Oh wait this problems exists now, before Common Core is implemented.

Not really worth the read.  

NYTimes - Agency Aims to Regulate Map Aids in Vehicles -

The measure, included in the Obama administration’s proposed transportation bill, would specify that the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has the authority to set restrictions on the apps and later order changes if they are deemed dangerous, much the way it currently regulates mechanical features of cars.
Of course this will make things much, much better.  

CNET - Mozilla under fire: Inside the 9-day reign of fallen CEO Brendan Eich -

From the outside, it may seem that the gay-marriage issue brought Eich's CEO career to an abrupt end. But accounts from those with inside knowledge make it apparent the embers were already smoldering. Mozilla's board struggled to find a new CEO, settled hesitantly on Eich, and didn't support him strongly. The gay-marriage issue may just have accelerated a falling-out that would have happened anyway.
Interesting read.  Not super detailed but gives some insight into tech company internal politics.

Books -

The Director by David Ignatius - So bad I refuse to give this book a link.  Not quite as bad as MOD which I am pretty sure I refered to as a fetid pile of dog vomit, but at this point (1/3 of the way through) it's a contender for position number two.
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