Wednesday, June 11, 2014

What I am reading 6/12/2014 - misogyny is poison and you're drinking it.

Before we start lets take a look at the video for Summer by Calvin Harris.  I just want to say I wish I had that truck and he had a feather up his ass - then we'd both be tickled pink:

Ars Technica - Get a warrant for cell phone location tracking, US appeals court says -

A federal appeals court ruled today that the authorities must get a warrant before obtaining a suspect's mobile-phone location history. It's a decision squarely at odds with other appellate rulings and one likely to force the Supreme Court's hand.
 Quartz - The Silicon Valley entrepreneur trying to kill teacher tenure just won big -

Welch explained his involvement to a CBS news affiliate like this:  “I think the honest, truthful, simple answer is I’m a huge believer in education and education is an important part of our society and we were just missing opportunities to educate our children,” he said. “These laws are, I don’t know what else to say, other than they are wrong.”
FCC - Removing Barriers to Competitive Community Broadband -

I believe that it is in the best interests of consumers and competition that the FCC exercises its power to preempt state laws that ban or restrict competition from community broadband. Given the opportunity, we will do so.
The facts speak for themselves: competition works – when it is allowed to. Throughout the country where we have seen competitive broadband providers come in to a market, prices have gone down and broadband speeds have gone up. No wonder incumbent broadband providers want to legislate rather than innovate.
Medium - Misogyny Is Poison, And You’re Drinking It -

Elliot Rodger doesn’t need to have been a madman. It’s enough that he was a man.
Except this: The difference between the movie theater jackass and the murderer is a difference of degree. Oh, there are also discrepancies in circumstances and specifics—including, quite likely, psychological profile. But both incidents crawled from the same stinking pit: a man’s instinct to unleash fury on a woman who doesn’t give him what he wants.
All I can say is - Jess Zimmerman I find your views intriguing and wish to subscribe to your newsletter. 

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