Friday, April 25, 2014

Whatever made these guys think this was a good idea in the first place?

Silicon Valley Wage Collusion Lawsuit Settled. Personally I think the companies (Apple, Google, Intel and Adobe) are getting off light at $324 million for a couple reasons. First they will barely even notice this amount of money dropping out of their bottom line. It works out to like $50 million per multi-billion dollar company. Second it's not like they made an innocent mistake while trying to restrain costs and maintain productivity. They knew this was illegal and said so in conversations and email. Finally, this wasn't just am attempt to keep worker salaries down. This was an attempt to return to the company towns of Appalachia and the associated wage slavery. Just look at the reactions when workers attempted to move or did attempt to hire someone from one of the colluding companies. Workers were locked out of jobs and HR people were fired (with Steve Jobs, Tech Messiah laughing as it happened). (And that completely destroys any chance I ever had of working at Google or Apple. Not that I had one anyway, being a lowgrade moron kind of made that decision for me). More on the entire sordid case here (And for the people who will inevitably try and make this about "evil conservatives" and my hypocrisy - I remind you at least two of the CEOs involved areliberal democrats. This is about business ethics and right and wrong.)
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