Monday, April 28, 2014

What I am reading today - 4/28/2014

My boredom seems to be dissipating so here is the morning news review -

Wired - It's Crazy What Can be Hacked Thanks to Heartbleed -  What they researchers are finding is that even as much of the internet has patched the vulnerability, there are so many affected devices that the bug is sure to cause security headaches for years to come. “If they don’t auto-update, things will be bad bad bad,” Weaver says. “If they do auto update, things will resolve themselves.”
("Everyone thank the internet.  'Thanks internet")

The Verge - Latest anti-tech protests targets Uber by blocking cars ins Seattle - (Not much to excerpt.  My initial reaction is retards doing retarded things for the sake of being retards.  I mean seriously who cares except Taxi companies, who, while having a legitimate complaint that they need to get medallions, pay taxes etc, can adjust their business model to be more competitive, and the City which is losing tax revenue.  Why is this an issue for anarchists?  It isn't except for the general wave of neo-luddism that seems to be sweeping coastal urban areas.)

The Hacker News - New Zero-Day Vulnerability CVE-2014-1776 Affects all Versions of Internet Explorer Browser - (Copy / Paste disabled on the site, sorry)

Ars Technica - Supreme Court to rule on warrantless searches of electronic devices - The Supreme Court on Tuesday will take on the digital-age controversy over search and seizure of smartphones and other devices. In two cases coming before the court, warrantless searches of an electronic device not only provided the basis for criminal prosecutions but also strayed from the original reason for the arrests in question.

(Important case.  Ars Technica tries to tie it to the NSA controversy but I personally think that is wrong.  There are a number of differences.  Surveillance versus arrest, domestic vs. (at least putatively) international, court orders vs. no court orders etc. etc.  My personal thoughts are "Of course it requires a warrant" but IANAL so I am probably wrong)

naked capitalism - Flash Boys' HFT Mumbo Jumbo - (since I mentioned Flash Boys in the list of books I am reading or have read recently I thought I would include this review, which run counter to my opinion of the book.) 
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