Sunday, March 16, 2014

What I am reading today 3/16/2014

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Hazardous Duty by W.E.B. Griffin - (No Link.  I refuse to help peddle this book.)  - I have been reading Griffin's books since the mid-70's, when he was writing in the as W.E. Butterworth, and have slowly been becoming disillusioned with his work.  First it was the huge number of continuity errors that began creeping in (such as not being able to remember Kenneth McCoy's religion in "The Corps" series or characters names changing from book to book), then it was his creeping misogyny, his padding of the books with filler and recaps (at least 50 pages per book anymore), and now this piece of tripe.  In this book Griffin has taken his Presidential Agent series, which was always weak for the reasons I just gave and literally turned it into farce and then has the gall to market it as a serious novel.  The thing is, if you like M.A.S.H style military humor this wasn't a bad book.  It could have stood on it's own, but Griffin has ruined the series now (granted it was his weakest one) and completely destroyed what credibility he had left. 


The Rise of Anti-Capitalism - "THE unresolved question is, how will this economy of the future function when millions of people can make and share goods and services nearly free? The answer lies in the civil society, which consists of nonprofit organizations that attend to the things in life we make and share as a community. In dollar terms, the world of nonprofits is a powerful force."

TLDR:  The "internet of things" will lead us to a socialist utopia of free healthcare and shared resources.  All will be right in our brave new interconnected world because reasons, shut-up.

The “Stolen” Mt.Gox Data Contained Malware That Robbed Users Of Bitcoin  - "Security researchers at Securelist have found that the data “stolen” from Mark Karpeles’ computer actually contained a BTC-stealing Trojan that masqueraded as a back-end app for managing Mt.Gox trades. The app searched user directories for Bitcoin-related files – wallet.dat and bitcoin.conf – and uploaded them to a server that is now defunct."

Bitcoin is the blogger gift that just keeps giving.  

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