Tuesday, March 18, 2014

What I am reading 3/18/2014

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Google settles its seven-year YouTube copyright battle with Viacom - Self Explanatory :-)

Why is the Patent Office So Bad At Reviewing Software Patents? - "For a start, examiners spend barely any time looking for prior art (the pre-existing publications and technology that could invalidate a patent by showing that the invention wasn't new). PTO examiners spend an average of only 18 hours per application and only a fraction of that time is devoted to looking for prior art. And when they do look for prior art, examiners tend to use a limited set of databases of patents and technical journals."

EU Committee accepted two-tier InternetProponents of a strict net neutrality have suffered a defeat in the EU Parliament. The lead industry committee ITRE agreed in Brussels on Tuesday for a draft regulation on the digital single market, specifically the establishment of "special services" such as TV broadcasts, video conferencing and health services in a "better quality" provides.

     Petition here if you need it  It goes without saying that this is obviously the work of evil Bush appointees.

A 10-Point Plan to Keep the NSA Out of Our Data - "WIRED consulted with experts to compile this list of 10 measures tech companies should adopt to protect customer data, whether it resides on a distant corporate server or is making its way across the Internet. The Electronic Frontier Foundation has a running scorecard tracking which companies are already employing some of these items on our wish list."

Explaining what’s behind the sudden allure of explanatory journalism - "These new efforts in explanatory reporting aim to take advantage of the Web’s wealth of information while being reliable. Landman called it a “reaction to the shattering of the package that the Internet has caused. What you get now is a kind of machine-gun barrage of news. It’s harder to find the context.” - believe as much of that as you want.  What's really behind it is an attempt for professional journalists  to reestablish their positions of authority in disseminating information.  

We are all intelligence officers now - honestly I haven't finished this yet.  It's kind of long and densely written, but it's by a guy who works at the NSA so it's worth a look.

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