Friday, December 07, 2012

Stuff - 12/7/2012

First off it's Pearl Harbor day so take a second for remembrance

Wall Street Journal - Google joins the dark side.  Google apps now $50.00 / year for groups of 10 or less.

The move shows a renewed focus by Google on serving small businesses, which have long been the sweet spot for Google Apps. 
GigaOM - TMobile finally gets the iPhone.  Maybe:

The only remaining question is when. In the next six months T-Mobile will likely complete the reconfiguration of HSPA+ on the 1900 MHz PCS band, which will make its 3G network iPhone compatible nationwide (today only its 2G service works on the iPhone). Or Apple may want to wait for T-Mobile’s LTE network, which the carrier plans to launch in the latter half of 2013. If Apple does wait for LTE, that almost certainly means T-Mobile will have to wait for the next generation of iPhone, whatever it happens to be called.
To me that doesn't sound like a real firm commitment.

Ace of Spades - Michigan passes right to work law. In other news there were seismic rumblings near the 40 yard line of Giants stadium as Jimmy Hoffa spins in his grave.

Slashdot - Remember the copyright memo that the Republican Study Committee distributed and then yanked back.  The one everyone agreed made a ton of sense.  Yeah, well the author is being fired because he made sense.

'The Republican Study Committee, a caucus of Republicans in the House of Representatives, has told staffer Derek Khanna that he will be out of a job when Congress re-convenes in January. The incoming chairman of the RSC, Steve Scalise (R-LA) was approached by several Republican members of Congress who were upset about a memo Khanna wrote advocating reform of copyright law. They asked that Khanna not be retained, and Scalise agreed to their request.'"
Mickey Mouse wins again.

The Jawa Report - Indian Islamic Clerics Issue Fatwa Against Hot Receptionists.  Not much else to say about that is there

DAWN - Pakistani Taliban Recruiting via Facebook.  But they bet 97% of their friends won't repost and only 3% will.  If you love Allah and hate the Infidel please repost.

LA Times - A National Intelligence Estimate will report on cyber-attacks from abroad, including financial losses blamed on hackers in China.

WASHINGTON — The U.S. intelligence community is nearing completion of its first detailed review of cyber-spying against American targets from abroad, including an attempt to calculate U.S. financial losses from hacker attacks based in China, officials said.
The National Intelligence Estimate, the first involving cyber-espionage, also will seek to determine how large a role the Chinese government plays in directing or coordinating digital attacks aimed at stealing U.S. intellectual property, according to officials who spoke on the condition of anonymity to discuss a classified undertaking.

  No! Not our good friend China. They would never do anything like that.

Ars Technica - Apple may not be getting quite the victory over Samsung that they had hoped.

Judge Koh seemed skeptical about both Apple's desire to kick Samsung products off the market with an injunction, as well as the company's efforts to grab more than $500 million in additional damages. She also indicated she's inclined to invalidate at least one of the patents that led Apple to victory, saying that its claims might be too indefinite.

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