Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Stuff 12/11/2012

Slashdot - Another day another hack.  "Ghostshell Hackers Release Data From Exploiting NASA, FBI, ESA"

Art of Manliness - Take the Goruck Challenge
The Challenge is a 9-13 hour team event in which a Special Forces veteran — called a Cadre — leads you on a 15-20 mile “guided tour” of your city. It begins at night and runs until the morning. Along the way, you take part in military-inspired challenges and “missions,” which includes doing some basic training calisthenics, taking a little swim, carrying logs (and each other), and a lot of marching. Oh, and you do it all while wearing a backpack filled with 30 to 40 pounds of bricks and other equipment.
The Verge - Google Chrome Crashes Explained.  For those who don't know Gmail and a couple other services were down yesterday.  This article explains why.  It also illustrates why Cloud Computing is a bad bad idea.  Once your data goes into the cloud it is no longer your data.

That's it slow day after a very slow weekend :-P

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