Monday, June 06, 2011

WGU Week 10

Just plugging away on my tow newest classes - ABV1 (Windows 7) and LUT1 (Language and Communication – Presentation).  I am not as thrilled with the LabSim tools for Windows 7 as I was for the previous classes, but I will survive.  At the moment I am just going through the lessons and reading the MS Press book for Exam 70-680.  I am not worried about scores.  Once I start doing the labs in the MS Press book I will go back and take the section quizes in LabSim for real.

Update: Talked to my mentor for our weekly call. Told her I was having some issues with ideas for the Presentation class. She opened up some more resources for me. This class is really going to suck. As near as I can tell they are not really serious about learning to do an effective business presentation. It's all about checkboxes. I also discussed the issues I am having with LabSim. She assures me it gets better. I hope so - I thought the A+ labsims were great. Obviously they weren't exactly like working on a real computer but for things like configuring networks settings and such they were excellent.
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