Monday, May 23, 2011

WGU Week 8

The studying continues. I have the final assessment for IT Fundamentals II scheduled for Friday and IT Fundamentals III next Tuesday.

Talked to my adviser this morning and she has opened up the resources for my next two classes so I can get started on those. I am not worried about the Presentation course, I just have to give a speech. I am a little concerned about the Operating Systems course. It is based around Microsoft's Windows 7 exam and that is supposed to be a bear. (I wish they had a second operating systems class based on Linux. I am not a big Linux fan but it is one of the major server operating systems.)

2 more weeks left on my contract at Avocent. Kind of weird being back here. I want to just jump back in where I was but I am definitely an outsider now so that's out.
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