Friday, May 27, 2011

Review - Ubuntu 11.04

Chris over at Carnifex is boit of a Linux geek and an Ubuntu fan so when I needed a Linux distro for some testing I am doing (contracting at my old job) I decided "What the hey I'll give Ubuntu a try - I haven't used it since version 7".

Downloaded it - first issue, The .iso was bad.

Downloaded again from a different mirror worked OK this time.

Installation was easy and took about 10 minutes.

Rebooted and was ready to go, NOT!!!

USB keyboards apparently crash Ubuntu. Since I am testing usb devices which include a composite keyboard / mouse that makes it a bit of a no go.

From what I can see before the crash it looks pretty, so I will give it a plus there. Other than that it isn't going to cut it.

(Actually this has been an ongoing problem with Linux USB implementations for years but I was hoping that with all the hype about Ubuntu being desktop ready I would get lucky this time)

Anyway that's my sad story for this week.
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