Thursday, April 10, 2008

OK, where is the entrepreneurial spirit

Today's Seattle PI has a story about a "revolt" by small book publishers at Apparently Amazon has decide to force all the on-demand publishers to use their Book Surge service and instead of finding an alternative source to sell their books they run to the Justice department and the Washington State Attorney General, and probably the Pope for intervention.

Here's a hint people didn't spring from the earth fully formed like those skeleton warriors in Jason and the Argonauts. It started as a fledgling business. You can do the same. Do it and punish Amazon by stealing their customers instead of whining.

OK, I admit that Amazon is so big now that they are hard to compete with, but it just pisses me off that their first response to this is to run to the Justice Department and cry anti-trust. Especially when Amazon will still refer customers to 3rd party resellers they just won't sell the books directly, and let's be honest here if these guys were selling something more popular than "A Post-Modern Feminist Critique of Vogon Poetry Volume 1" they wouldn't be having this problem.
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