Monday, March 10, 2008

The Wire - Series Finale

I watched the series finale of "The Wire" and I have to say I was disappointed.

This has been one of the best shows on TV (although last season was a little weak) and it wussed out. I can't say much more because without throwing out spoilers, but the characters who throughout the series acted purely out of self interest with much regard for others were rewarded, while those who may not have been morally pure but acted out of a desire to do right were slapped down.

I know the cynical will say that is the way life works and maybe it does a lot of times but a lot of times it doesn't. The karma wheel can always spin and kick you in the ass and that just didn't happen here or maybe it did but it hit the wrong people. I'm not a sloppy sentimentalist who always insists on a happy ending, but for Christ's sake not everything is a bleak as these guys make it.

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