Sunday, February 10, 2008

Where Is The Republican Party Headed?

The New York Times Sunday Book Review looks at a number of books dealing with the Republican Party this week with the underlying theme seeming to be where is the Republican party headed.

I kind of looked at this awhile ago. I think my basic premise still stands.

1. Emphasis on the individual and his accomplishments, rather than on the group and their perceived injustices.
2. A belief that government should be as small as possible and as local as possible.
3. A belief in fiscal conservatism.

I have to add some qualifiers now:

We need to realize that not all tax cuts are necessarily good tax cuts. There comes a point where they are counterproductive.

Not all deregulation works. We need to make the regulatory burden as light as possible but where abuse is likely we need to balance that with strict enforcement of the regulations that remain.

We need to accept the fact that the country has now committed to providing some minimal level of social services, and should concentrate on making those services as small, as efficiently delivered and as cost effective as possible. Whenever possible we should make sure that the local governments are the method of delivery for those services.
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