Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Remembering the NRA (not the good NRA the evil fascist NRA)

via Instapundit

James Lileks, a newspaper columnist that honestly I haven't followed much, remembers the NRA (National Recovery Administration):

As for the NRA logo, it’s a reminder of the happy days of FDR’s attempts to revive the economy by pouring a bowl of alphabet soup over its face. The NRA, among other things, was intended to prevent the depredations of competition, and “allowed industry heads to collectively set minimum prices,” as this rather scant wikipedia entry notes. (The same page relates the story of the tailor who was arrested for charging 35 cents to press a suit; the NRA rules specified the price at 40 cents. So he was arrested. Consider that the next time someone complains that liberty and civil rights have been eliminated in the last 7 years.)

Since the government-approved slogan for the NRA was “We Do Our Part,” businesses that didn’t display the logo were, by implication, not doing their part, and not with the general flow of the modern world, brother.


See any subtle hints of things to come here? I do if Hillary or Obama are elected with their centralized, "we know better that you", anti-freetrade economic plans.

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