Monday, February 11, 2008

Berkeley City Council Filled With Booger Eating Morons

And they admit it in the New York Times in the course of discussing their decision to back down from their resolution calling the Marines "unwelcome intruders"

“The staff are supposed to be there to protect us from our stupidity,” said Councilwoman Betty Olds, who is 87, as feisty as a cornered rattlesnake and a leader of the retrenchment. “And they didn’t do any better than we did.”

Tomorrow night the council will vote to replace the resolution branding the Marines "unwelcome intruders" with one declaring opposition to the Iraq War and Support for the troops. They will also direct the city attorney not to seek ways to use zoning laws to drive the Marines out of Berkeley. Unfortunately it looks like Code Pink will get to keep their parking place.

Still it's a start.

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