Wednesday, January 30, 2008

McCain wins Florida

Lots of unhappy Republicans out there, especially since the theory was McCain couldn't win in a state where only Republicans could vote.

That was proven blatantly false.

The latest theory is that if Huckabee drops McCain can't win because the Evangelicals won't vote for him. That makes the assumption that all Evangelicals are hard-core conservative. Not so.

I think the time to make peace with McCain as a candidate is now when possibly we can extract commitments on Supreme Court nominees.

Personally I would prefer someone else but you have to play the hand you are dealt and I refuse to just hand the White House to Obama or Clinton. As bad as McCain might be he is light years ahead of them.

In related news - John Edwards has withdrawn from the race. The pundits predict this is going to benefit Hillary. I'm not so sure. The faux-populism he was spouting off about comes might close to Obama's "change" message. I think he may pick up more of Edwards voters than people think.

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