Friday, January 04, 2008

The Iowa caucuses

Well Fred did better than expected (as Chuck noted in comments a couple of posts down) so it looks like he might be in until South Carolina at least. I am hoping that he can at least make a showing in NH (where it is my understanding he is not campaigning at all) to show that he actually is a contender.

Obama, man what can you say? He trounced Hilary and Edwards. I have to admit from what I have seen of the guy personally I like him, I just don't like his politics. Edwards I think is a weaselly like suckass and Clinton has all personality of a rattlesnake with a toothache and the personal warmth of a tank of liquid hydrogen.

Big winner of the night wasn't really Huckabee, it was populism. Every candidate who had more than 30% of the vote tried to set it up as a contest between the "people" and the fat cat elites, with elite being defined as anyone who is mildly successful. I find that incredibly amusing because all of them are members of the "establishment" and most are multi-millionaires. Granted all came from relatively modest backgrounds (especially Huckabee) but at what point can you not play the people against the powerful card anymore? I constantly here people talking about the various comparisons between Rome and the United States. Well here is one for them the beginning of the downfall of the Republic because of the populism of the Gracchi brothers. (Or at least that is what I gathered from watching some series on Rome on the Discovery channel)

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