Tuesday, November 06, 2007

US Disabling North Korea Reactor

I was torn, it was either post this story or another video of Ewa Sonnet dancing around in tight clothes. It was a hard decision but I finally went the socially responsible route.

The LA Times is reporting that the US Team in North Korea has begun disabling their main reactor at Yongbyon.

SEOUL -- A team of U.S. experts has begun disabling North Korea's nuclear weapons-making facilities, U.S. State Department spokesman Tom Casey said Monday.


The main U.S. envoy to the talks, Assistant Secretary of State Christopher Hill, has said the experts would disable the reactor to a point that would require North Korea to work at least a year to restart it.

Washington hopes that future talks will yield an agreement for North Korea to dismantle the facility entirely, and it wants the nuclear bombs Pyongyang is believed to have built to be confiscated.

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