Monday, November 05, 2007

"Curveball" Part Deux

Up to page 181 and I am beginning to suspect that Seymour Hersch may not have actually read the book. His blurb on the dust jacket reads:

Here we go again: the self deception, the corruption of intelligence, and the abuse of authority; amid a full cast of the usual suspects in the White House and the Pentagon. It's a crucially important story and it comes wonderfully alive in Curveball. It would be almost fun to read if the message wasn't so important and so devastating to the American processes."

So far I haven't seen any abuse of authority, quite the opposite I have seen people refusing to use their authority and to accept responsibility for their decisions. The White House has barely figured into the story at this point, with no suggestion that they were "cooking the books" and the Pentagon early on raised doubts about the veracity of the information (as did Tyler Drumheller to be fair), so I am not quite sure what Hersch is basiing his review on.

Hersch isn't the only one of course. Robert Baer *cough* truther *cough* writes:

A crucial study in the political manipulation of intelligence. Understanding gow Curveball got us into Iraq will arm us for the next round of lies coming out of Washington.

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