Friday, November 16, 2007

The IAEA Report on Iran

The IAEA issued their report on Iran yesterday and they concluded that the fuel Iran is enriching is only suitable for power use but that the centrifuges in use are approaching the 3000 mark and that they can enrich uranium to weapons grade. This may be problematic according to NPR because the centrifuges are badly designed. Iran also turned over copies of a plan for building an atom bomb which they say the acquired from A Q Khan.

At this point the US has a decision to make. Do we soften our stance or go full out. I'm unsure. I think sanctions would have the best chance of getting rid of Ahmadinejad, but again Russia and China are going to block them. With that in mind I was thinking pull back a bit and start diplomatic talks. Show the world how great we are while continuing to build a case against Iran; then when they start upping the quality of their uranium we can go to the UN and say well we tried and look whet they did. I do think the IAEA report tends to validate the idea that there isnt an imminent threat.
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