Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Blade Runner Final Cut to be released Winter 2007

Ridley Scott's original Blade Runner is one of my favorite movies, Sci-Fi Noir at it's best in my opinion, but I wasn't so crazy about the 1992 Directors Cut.

Today Scott announced that he is releasing a "Final Cut" in Winter 2007. I hope that it can restore some of the noirish feeling in the original while filling in what Scott feels is missing, I know Kingdom of Heaven was vastly improve in the directors cut:

Despite the changes and two Oscar nominations, bad reviews and the almost simultaneous release of Steven Spielberg's hugely popular "E.T." ended the theater run of "Blade Runner" prematurely.

Yet the film eventually achieved cult status through re-issue on television and home video.

Scott, 69, said he had almost forgotten about it until he saw clips on music television channel MTV and realized that his film "was having a strong influence on younger generations."

Over the years, five versions of the film have been released, including a director's cut in 1992. But Scott said the "Final Cut" -- which will be issued as a collector's DVD edition later in the winter -- was "really as it was intended to be."

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