Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Why couldn't I go to a college where I could acquire mad skillz?

via Betsy's Page

Author Stephen Budiansky points out that the satirical has overtaken the realistic.

Attempting to write a novel in which a college goes to extreme lengths to raise it's standings in the US News & World Reports he finds colleges which have changed their name to attract students and in the case of Case Western Reserve University instituted a seminar program in which a cafe selling Peets coffee is a central feature.

This sounded to ridiculous to be true so I went to their website and checked it out and discovered that not only could I get good coffee but I would develop "mad skills":

SAGES is an uncommon mixture of incredible people and powerful venues for learning at Case. But the more pragmatic among you may want to think of SAGES another way: It will give you mad skills.

I assume that mad skills are better than skills which will prepare me to succeed in life. :-)

I don't really have a problem with seminar education and when you read beyond the marketing fluff it sounds like this could be an interesting program but they have just gone way over the top in trying to sell it. Especially when a guy with a cockatoo haircuts is apparently one of their main indicators of success.

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