Monday, June 05, 2023

What I am Reading 6/5/2023

Deconstructing a Cybersecurity Event

Focus Security Efforts on Choke Points, Not Visibility

Critical Barracuda 0-day was used to backdoor networks for 8 months

Federal Judge Makes History in Holding That Border Searches of Cell Phones Require a Warrant

The FBI as advanced persistent threat – and what to do about it

Salesforce 'Ghost Sites' Expose Sensitive Corporate Data

Organizations Warned of Backdoor Feature in Hundreds of Gigabyte Motherboards

Researchers tell owners to “assume compromise” of unpatched Zyxel firewalls

Cyberweapon manufacturers plot to stay on the right side of US

The Birth and Death of the Orange Book

Ask HN: Cyber Security folks – what are your biggest pain points?

Even After Debunking, ‘Sybil’ Hasn’t Gone Away

The end of the Silicon Valley dream

The Planning of U.S. Physician Shortages

Ethernet at 50: Why It's Still the Backbone of Networking

Two Years After Colonial Pipeline, What Have We Learned?

The White House says Section 702 is critical for cybersecurity, yet public evidence is sparse

 SCADA 103: SCADA Network Discovery & GRASSMARLIN (Kayla Carrigan from Percival Engineering)

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