Sunday, December 04, 2022

What I am Reading 12/4/2022

Common Supply Chain Challenges (flowchart)

How Capitalism—Not a Few Bad Actors—Destroyed the Internet

Online Safety Bill: Plan to make big tech remove harmful content axed

How to build a public profile as a cybersecurity pro

What Every Enterprise Can Learn From Russia’s Cyber Assault on Ukraine

7 free cybersecurity resources you need to bookmark

The 5 Core Principles of the Zero-Trust Cybersecurity Model

Cisco ISE Vulnerabilities Can Be Chained in One-Click Exploit

US bans Chinese telecoms imports – won't even consider authorizing them

Using Hardware Logic to Protect Critical Infrastructure

The exodus from Elon Musk’s Twitter has begun. Should the infosec community care?

Mitsubishi Electric PLCs Exposed to Attacks by Engineering Software Flaws

What the CISA Reporting Rule Means for Your IT Security Protocol

One Year After Log4Shell, Most Firms Are Still Exposed to Attack

Update added 12/4/2022: 

State of Emergency declared, FBI investigating power grid attack in Moore County, sheriff says

If you have Audible I highly recommend this podcast "Operation Paperclip"  which revolves around the takedown of of and then the subsequent return of Albert Gonzalez to credit card fraud via the TJX and Office Depot hacks.

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