Friday, October 03, 2008

Joe Biden Constitutional Law Super Genius

THIS DEBATE "FACT CHECK" from ABC News notes that Sarah Palin fluffed the name of a general in Afghanistan but -- as I predicted last night -- ignores Joe Biden's multiple Constitutional mistakes. Putting the President in Article I, and claiming that the VP only presides over the Senate in case of a tie would seem to be at least as significant, especially given that Biden has been in the Senate since before I hit puberty, and is, you know, runing for Vice President. Perhaps he should study up on what the job involves. And perhaps the press should try reporting on what he says more . . . .


I find it even more amazing because not only is this guy a Senator and running for Vice-President, he chairs the Judiciary committee, a committee whose primary area of responsibility is the Constitution, and even more damning he teaches constitutional law. Doesn't that require that you know... read the damn thing.

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