Thursday, May 08, 2008

Divine Retribution? Maybe Allah is pissed that Yemen let all the USS Cole bombers escape

Up until now the list of worms that has made men curse with fear has pretty much been limited to tape worms.

Well…add another one to that list: the screw worm.

Like something out of a horror movie, screw worm females go after the bare flesh, laying 250-300 eggs in a host. When you feel that itch, whatever you do, don’t scratch it. The reason why they’re called screw worms is that the maggots will only burrow deeper, causing tissue damage and even death.


Once hatched, the maggots feed off the live flesh and fall down to the ground, where they pupate. The pupae reach adulthood 7 days later. They can then mate and lay over 4,000 eggs. They can also fly 125 miles, bringing their offspring and the plague inland.

Yemen, which has experienced a huge coastal outbreak of the evil screw worm is desperate for international aid. A Ministerial delegation was at the IAEA in Vienna, Austria, to seek emergency assistance to fight the evil worm.

If it was up to me the US would tell them, "Sure, we'll help ya. Just as soon as you bring us the heads of all the USS Cole bombers. MMMM Kay, Bye Bye.", but that's probably just me.

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