Saturday, September 15, 2018

Took the CRISC this morning

What a clusterf**k.

OK, this is all my fault so don't take my above statement as a reflection on ISACA or the testing center.  There were a number of issues at play here:

1.  I registered for the test back in March / April and then completely forgot about it.  I got busy with GIAC exams, Blackhat, Defcon, car accidents etc.

2.  When I got the reminder a couple days ago I was like well I didn't study so I'll blow it off.  Last night I was talking with a friend and he was like, "hey, you might as well take it.  It's paid for"  So last minute I decided to, but being a dumb ass I didn't double check the times and since I knew it ended at 12:30 I thought it started at 9:30.

3.  When my alarm went off this morning I didn't immediately get out of bed.  It wasn't until I got an appointment reminder that I realized the test was at 8:30 not 9:30.  Then it was rush rush rush.

Fortunately the testing center wasn't too hard to find and was relatively close so I made it on time.  Also fortunately over the course of my career I have been a project manager, worked in quality assurance, sat on a risk committee, and taken a class in risk managemnt, and read a few books on the subject as well as the NIST series of publications - so despite being an idiot who forgot about the test and didn't study I did have a good grounding in the subject and managed to pass.  Sometimes I manage to do OK despite myself.

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