Saturday, August 11, 2018

BlackHat and DefCon

I am currently on my 9th day in Vegas for BlackHat and DefCon, and just thought I would check-in.

This was my first BlackHat, and given the cost, unless work is paying, most probably my last.  I took two training classes - Windows Enterprise Incident Response and Absolute SCADA, Red Team Edition.  Both classes had pretty good content, but bu the end of the four days I was exhausted.  The classes were long and the rooms were freezing.  It also doesn't help that I am an idiot and barely understood the big words.  BlackHat ended with briefings and the Business Hall. They charge and extra $2000 or so for the briefings (which is bullshit) so i didn't attend any of those, and the vendor hall was just a vendor hall.  I did get a yo-yo so there's that.

This is my second DefCon, and what can I say?  Based on my vast previous existence of one, it's DefCon, lots of lines and Goons screaming,  I didn't get any training but i have visited a few villages.  The ICS village seems to have a lot more interest this year, Blue Team Village seems to be getting off to a good start and I will be visiting the Vintage Tech Village today.

All in All it's a pretty good time.

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