Sunday, July 01, 2018

GIAC GCIP Pressure

I am scheduled to take the GIAC GCIP on July 30th.  I am feeling completely unprepared and a bit overwhelmed but I really want to get this done.  Once I have I will completed all three GIAC Industrial Control System certifications, which in the giant scheme of things is not that big a deal, but in what passes for my life would be a huge win.  Additionally at this point if I take the exam and pass I will be in the first 25 to achieve all three.  (Actually if I took it and passed today I would be in the first 5 but I am assuming that one or two people will pass the test per day for the next month and that 50% or so will have the other two certs)  Again not a huge deal to anyone with any sort of real life, but it's high up on my totem pole.

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