Monday, January 22, 2018

Once again I am forced into the uncomfortable position of agreeing with Glenn Greenwald

(Note:  I should preface this by stating that I did not vote for Trump and would not vote for him today.  His volatility and ineptness in foreign affairs is a major reason why, plus I just find him to be untrustworthy based on his past actions.  I also did not vote for Hillary Clinton who I consider one of the great scumbags of our time.  I only voted down ticket in the last election.)

I have casually despised Glenn Greenwald since the early 2000's and still find most of his positions and politics despicable but on the subject of why Trump became President and the Mueller investigation I find myself closely aligned.  I hate that.

Greenwald's positions, which mirror my own, are laid out in this New York Magazine interview.  I don't think any of my imaginary readers will find these surprising:
  “When Trump becomes the starting point and ending point for how we talk about American politics, [we] don’t end up talking about the fundamental ways the American political and economic and cultural system are completely fucked for huge numbers of Americans who voted for Trump for that reason,” he says. “We don’t talk about all the ways the Democratic Party is a complete fucking disaster and a corrupt, sleazy sewer, and not an adequate alternative to this far-right movement that’s taking over American politics.”

(... )

Put another way: If you believe the 2016 election was a populist uprising against complacent elites, the Russia preoccupation can seem like an effort to ignore what Trump voters — and Sanders voters — were trying to say. Alternatively, if you believe Trump’s victory was a Russia-perpetrated fraud, normalcy is restored simply by removing him from office. Which, conveniently, is what many hope Mueller’s Russia probe will do.
Here's where Greenwald and I differ, he apparently thinks that there is little to know possibility that Russia engaged in meddling with our election.  I think it is highly possible.  I also think it is possible that Trump staffers were sucked in and may have advanced Russia's efforts inadvertently.  I even believe it's possible that some may have actively colluded with the Russians.  I just haven't seen good evidence of that yet.  So far I think Greenwald is right that this is a lot of sound and fury generated by people who can't believe Trump won because they can't fathom the underlying anger that the middle class is feeling.

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