Sunday, July 09, 2017

William Shatner Got Reported for a Post on Facebook

Extremely Offensive

I think his response should be to commission a sequel to Shatnerquake in which all the Shatner's fight the embodiement of all George Takei's roles and then mail it to Takei and ask for a blurb. If you are going to be ostracized be ostracized for something fun.

 (I suggested this because the link where I saw this initially someone suggested Takei is the one who reported him)

(Also:  For some reason it didn't link but the post was "Hello Everyone, How are You")
(another also:  I misinterpreted initially since I saw this on Twitter, he was actually reported on Facebook.  I changed the title - Man this is a lot of work for a lame Shatnerquake joke)
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