Saturday, July 29, 2017

DefCon so far

As probably two of you (and by you,I of of course, mean the voices in my head) know, BlackHat and DefCon have been on my to do list for awhile.  This year I was finally able to make Defcon happen.  

It's been an experience, some good, some not so good.

First the not so good.

Lines - if you are old and fat like me, you won't like this part for sure.  Registration - 2 hour line, Swag room, minimum 2 hour line, Vendor room - line, attending a training session - stand in line to get in.

ICS Village - far smaller than I expected, but the ics wall was cool as hell.

People - most of the people I have met have been pretty cool, but there have been a few dicks, especially the first day.  My biggest disappointment people wise has been there are far fewer people I know here than I expected.  I thought I would run into a few real life acquaintances.  Just hasn't happened.  I have recognized a few people from the Layer One conference I went to in L.A. back in may and two people I follow on twitter.

Next the good -

Information - The couple talks I have been too were pretty good.  Not professional, beacuse they aren't professional speakers, but good info and pretty well presented.

Training - I only got into one session, but the 4 hours was pretty Info packed and the Cybati training module was pretty cool.  I wish it would have been full day, but what can you do.

People - both good and not so good.  A lot of the people here are really really smart.  (then there is me, total dumbass), and imaginative.  Seen some pretty cool wearables, some really cool shirt designs, heard some good music, and so on.  

That's basically it so far.  Having a good time, glad I did it.

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