Saturday, June 10, 2017

The Ultimate Barney Stinson "Get Psyched" Playlist

There are apparently 3 different version of this playlist, the version on the TV show, the version on the Barney Stinson Blog, and the version in The Bro Code.

This presented a conundrum today as I was deciding which version to load on my iPod to play at the office and annoy my co-workers.

I solved the problem by listing all the songs and their order on each of the lists then averaging that order and sorting lowest to highest.  I thought about throwing out any song that was only listed on one of the lists but then we would't have Tom Sawyer, so...

On Freebird per Barney skip to second half of song only

Personally I would have made a few changes - You're the Best Around would be substituted with Danger Zone, Freebird would be substituted with I see You Baby, Come Sail Away would be substituted with something by Whitesnake (Probably Slide it In) and High Enough would probably be replaced by Sweet Emotion
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