Thursday, May 11, 2017

Where in the world is Chad

Well still in Portland actually.  It's been a couple weeks so I thought I would update the blog.

First off - As you guys know I went and took the SANS class on ICS / SCADA Security Fundamentals.  I also got the on demand version.  Currently I am reviewing that class getting ready for the GICSP exam.  That is scheduled for June 3rd.  After that I am back to working on my CISSP.

Second - As I mentioned a couple weeks ago, the company I am currently contracting at made an offer for full time employment.  I accepted and have been jumping through those hoops.

Thirdly - My Achilles tendinitis is mostly gone so I am trying to get back into my daily walking routine.

Fourth - I bought an Oculus and have been messing with that some.  It's somewhat limited so far, but it has potential.  Because I bought the Oculus I am also upgrading computers.  Bought an Alienware Aurora and intend to turn my current system into an ESXi machine for VMware practice.

There you go that should catch everyone up

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