Friday, January 13, 2017

On Chelsea Manning and Commutation

It's 13 degrees here in Vancouver WA, and I am basically stuck inside because I screwed up my foot walking to the store the other day.  Given that I have been in a position to do some thinking about Chelsea (nee Bradley) Manning.

When Manning was arrested I was one of those who was for a full bore prosecution, up to and including the possibility of the death sentence.  It seemed to me at the time that the damage he (now she) had potentially done was so drastic that severe measures were warranted.    As time went by and details of what was released became known I began to moderate my views a bit.  Yeah there was some damaging material but most of it was just embarrassing.  I didn't think Manning should go free but I definitely thought that the real bad guy here was Julian Assange.

Now it's 6 years later.  Manning has been in prison, much of it in solitary confinement (suicide / harm prevention).  Her ability to do the US further harm is nil and no matter what her life is ruined.  I say commute the sentence to 10 years.  It's enough to serve as an appropriate punishment.  It allows Manning to try and salvage something and it allows us to move on from some of the worst feelings of the last 16 years.  If Obama doesn't do it Trump should.

Also - people quit calling her Bradley and He.  I know you think you are making some sort of point but you just come off as bigoted and stupid, even if you don't accept the idea of Gender Identity Disorder, it costs you nothing to call someone by a name they prefer.
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