Thursday, November 10, 2016

Can everyone stop freaking out for five fucking minutes please

Yes, yes, I know, the man Adolph Hitler looked to for genocide lessons and Nero looked to for lessons on good governance with follow-ons by Caligula for probity and Napoleon for humility was just elected President.

I know, the republic is going to collapse, Gays, Blacks, Jews, Mexicans etc will be rounded up into work camps and tortured.

The two minute hate will be a daily ritual and finally only Trump brand products will be sold in stores.

It Armageddon!

Except it's not.

First off, we have a 73 day transition period.  Trumps policies will start to flesh out then.  If they are too onerous start protesting then.  Shit, if they are too onerous I will join you.

Second, there are still tow house of congress and the courts he has to get his policies past.  Maybe you haven't noticed but Trump isn't super popular among GOP congressional memebers.

Third in two years there is a mid term election, that offers both an opportunityto take legislative seats and will also constrain members of congress and the Senate.

In other words, America will prevail.  The founders were pretty smart and set thing up to make it hard to establish a dictatorship.  If people stay vigilant and stop pissing people off the is a blip on our countries radar.

(Plus look at Trumps actual political record outside this campaign.  Yeah he is a birther and a 9/11 truther, he has also been pro-abortion, anti-gun, anti-freetrade (still is) so you Clintonistas have hope still just bring him back to his roots)
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