Tuesday, October 11, 2016

CYBERWAR!!!! - Hacking Critical Infrastructure

Viceland TV has a show called Cyberwar whose premise appears to be that every week they look at a different cyber security issue.  Last week they showed the Hacking Critical Infrastructure episode.  

Not super-impressed.  Yeah the concerns raised are valid, and probably overdue, but the episode was clunky and poorly edited.  It didn't present a cohesive story and that makes it appear like a bunch of fear mongering.  Especially when the host keeps saying "So, this isn't just a bunch of fear mongering?"  They should have had a storyline and stuck with it.

Another problem, after building up a bunch of fear, they just ended the episode.  No discussion of what is being done to help address the problem.  No potential solutions.  Nothing.  Just a big, "Boy are you fucked America".

Here's an exerpt:

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