Saturday, August 27, 2016

The smell of death surrounds you

So last night its like 100 degrees and I notice this odor - like the creeping stench of death come to claim me.  After checking to make sure I had a pulse I start trying to track it down.

Garbage cans - nope.

Toilets - nope.

Same for fridge, garbage disposal, underwear, etc.

Then i remembered a couple days ago i had mopped the floor and I was thinking maybe the sponge on the mop had gone bad.  Checked it out and yeah it smelled a little wettish but not like the horror that was assaulting my nostrils.    Started pulling stuff out of closets.  looking for some form of dead hooker or small rodent

Finally I open the doors to the closet where the washer and drier would be if I owned one.

Holy shit!

It was like the drain line was venting from the very bowels of hell.

The damn thing must have gone dry and opened up a direct pipeline to Lucifer's asshole.  Fortunately I had a full bottle of bleach so I dumped that down it.  I swear a heard a scream and there was a little puff of brimstone but this morning everything smells springtime fresh.

I have tow plans here - one, of course I am going to refill the pipe - that is one of the reasons for u-bends in drain lines is to trap water and block sewer odors.   two - nerf ball soaked in fabreze in the pipe opening to help mitigate in case things go south again.

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