Friday, July 15, 2016

140 Silicon Valley Leaders Call A Trump Presidency A Disaster

Yesterday a bunch of   Technology Sector Leaders (that's what they called themselves so don't bitch to me if you disagree about their role) published an open letter on Medium calling a potential Trump presidency a disaster in waiting.

I agree.  If Trump is elected it will be a disaster.

Unfortunately these technology sector leaders based their arguments on immigration.  Specifically in my opinion an increase in the availability of H1-B visas.  Oh they threw in a couple of other items about how Trump wants to shut down parts of the internet  and he doesn't want to encourage innovation, but the main thrust is the immigration issue.

It's also the worst issue they could have taken a stand on.  Look around, talk to people outside Silicon Valley, ask how people really feel about hiring foreign nationals or large foreign companies and replacing US based workers.  You won't get the same answers you are getting inside the technology bubble.

If anything you may have helped Trump.  Now he can hold up that letter and say "My opponents want to take away your jobs".

Maybe to really round things out you should appoint Hillary Clinton to the board of

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