Monday, June 13, 2016

Why I am against Trump in 4 pictures

Make America Great Again


Mexicans and Muslims right now.  We'll see who else in a week or two.

Already happening.  Any criticism of Trump is immediately met with overwhelming vitriol from his supporters.  

From the WaPo
 The 2012 GOP presidential nominee was emotional here Saturday as he delivered an impassioned case against Trump. He said the business mogul’s campaign rhetoric — the latest example being his accusations of bias by a federal judge because of his Mexican American heritage — is so destructive that it is fraying at the nation’s moral fabric and could lead to “trickle-down racism.”
(this paragraph is out of order from the WaPo story but it fits better here.)
Then came Trump’s boosters, awkwardly imploring about 300 business executives and GOP establishment donors and strategists gathered here for Romney’s annual ideas festival to unite for the fall campaign. In a stroke of defiance, Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus declared that Trump and the GOP would win in November “with or without you,” according to attendees.

I've said  it before, most people look at Road to Serfdom as a cautionary tale.  Trump sees it as an instruction manual.  Glad that I am not the only one seeing it.  

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