Wednesday, April 06, 2016

Re: Dogma - I give you Super Dogma

No not religious dogma, it's an RPG play style.  Chris explains it here.  Basically expendable characters generated quickly and run thru random encounters until they level or die.  That's the campaign we are playing now.  All the stuff I hate, no back story, no world building, dungeon crawls and a fantasy environment (my least favorite role playing environment).  I'm sure I am driving Chris (The DM) and the other players nuts with my complaining, but that's what they get for not fully embracing the cyberpunk world.

Anyway since we are doing this I started thinking why stop there why not really make it random.  So I have invented Super-Dogma (tm).

Here's how it would work.

1.  You roll you stats (4d6 take the best 3)
2.  You send them to the DM along with you top 3 choices of class and race.
3.  The DM decides your class and race but doesn't tell you.
4.  All rolls are made by the DM in secret until you have successfully figured out your class.
5.  The party starts in a locked room naked with no equipment.  As you go you have to figure out from trial and error and DM hints what your class and race are.  You get XP for combat, gold, and successful class actions./ making progress towards figuring out your class.  You lose XP for blindly guessing your class.  Negative XP like negative Hit Points results in death, or being made into a sex slave by a depraved orc drag queen with awful fashion sense and a horrible singing voice and a need to belt out show tunes, and the hits of Lady Gaga, Madonna, and Cher.

Usually it probably wont be much of a stretch to figure out your class but say you have someone with a str of 12 and int of 12.  Well there are a couple ways that can go and it might be a little tricky to figure out.  
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