Tuesday, February 09, 2016

I'm laughing my ass off at the birther nonsense

Back in 2008 when all the Barack Obama birther nonsense started I told people, be careful because this will come back and bite us in the ass someday.  It has.  Probably everybody knows that Ted Crus was born in Canada to one American parent and one *shudder* Cuban immigrant Canadian parent.  Under the law that makes him a Natural Born American Citizen - UNLESS you are some sort of rabid dumbshit like pyromancer67 in the comments of this thread.  In that case he is a Cuban (not even a Canadian but a Cuban).  

Same crap that they pulled on Obama (who I despise, so don't look at this as some sort of back handed defense of him).

Here's the thing - I can't stand Ted Cruz (actually I can't stand any of the current Presidential candidates from any party) but this is a bullshit argument against him.  I find him unlikable, reeking with an air of dishonesty, and small minded in his policies.  I think he would diminish American even more than the current jackass because he has even less vision and more ego.  But all that said, the guy is an American citizen so fight him the issues and not xenophobia or racism, which is exactly what this is - why else do you think Trump, the main pusher of the not-a-citizen narrative is drawing so much of the White Supremicist vote.
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